Saurel Quettan

Saurel Quettan

Business Consultant

I have been married over 3 decades to Susan Mary Gall. I love her in ways I am unable to express. Together we conceived, raised, love and will forever adore our 3 sons, Marcel, Marcus and Marlon. Friends know me as: Integrity, Unstoppable, and Caring.


The cornerstone of effectiveness in the exeQfit methodology is a mandatory monthly 1/2-day meeting. At first, most of our clients find it almost impossible to take half a day away from the business. From their perspective, there is nothing efficient about. However, what they have to confront to comply is what drives effectiveness. In the process, they learn to delegate effectively. They network with peers who have walked in their shoes and understand the challenges they face. Over time, they begin to open up to new and innovative information from external sources who have no other agenda than accelerating the growth of their business. As a result, they become better leaders and make better decisions for their businesses, families and communities.

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4611 Greer Circle
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My clients know that the fate of their business is determined by the decisions they make. They invest 6 hours once a month every month to create and sustain an environment that promotes making the very best business decisions possible every time out.



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