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David Green



ATL native, Navy Band Vet. 29 for many years. If you go to an Atlanta United match, I'm often one of the thousands by the goal waving flags, throwing drinks at each other when we score, & yelling choice words in unison. Ask about my favorite Pho places.


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Dave Cuts - A Barber for Gentlemen

Dave Cuts - A Barber for Gentlemen


935 Memorial Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30016


Business Haircuts | Beards | Fades - This Manager communicates thoroughly. His office is neatly displayed, like his work. He likes that I listen, repeat back what I heard BEFORE I start cutting, and take notes and pictures to refer to on his next visit.


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When thinking about differences and similarities between my clients and Gerald Michael Chamblin"s clients, there is potential overlap with every person who assists my chair.

However, that overlap needs to have a few things take place in order to be a true overlap.

That person needs to be ready to be buy a house or be considering buying a house, AND it needs to be so certain in their brain thar it actually winds up being a part of the conversation with their Barber, AND they need to not already have started the process with a mortgage broker.

Gerald's clients, however, come from the wide variety of "everybody", which makes it really difficult to be able to center in on which of his clients would be ready to sit in my chair.

Something bad would have had to have happened in order for one of his clients to have a conversation with him that they would need a Barber.. although those aren't the words they would use.

They would talk about how someone really messed up their haircut, which means it either needed to come as as part of a funny conversation, or Gerald has taken on the role of therapist, and is listening to their woes.

And at this specific time, the person's messed up haircut is front and center in front of them. There is probably a significant event, or it might be one of the seasonal kids haircuts that comes along. The fact that they need a haircut isn't going to be the trigger.

Somebody messed up the haircut so badly that it is bothering them so much that they feel the need to tell their mortgage person about it. Gerald can look like a hero by saying "I've got a guy who fixes haircuts."

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