Dr. Annie Banks

Dr. Annie Banks



I have been married for 21 years and the mom of 13 y.o. twins. I love to spend my free time mtn biking and paddle boarding in the summer and skiing in the winter. "Powder" is a beautiful word! I'm proud to say, "My kiddos finally ski better than me!"


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 Banks Chiropractic Center, PC

Banks Chiropractic Center, PC


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Emily has strained her neck lifting groceries out of the car. Tom strained his back digging post holes for his backyard fence. Eric started having knee pain training for his Ironman. They come to see me to return to their lives pain free!


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Two to my left would be Debbie P. Moss.  My client is complaining of back and neck pain because they have been moving furniture and other items in their house due to a roof leak after a storm last night.  They are not sure what to do because they are afraid of being scammed.  Debbie and Escex Roofing and Restoration is trust worthy, reliable and they will do the talking to the insurance company for the best outcome.  The experience  and expertise of Debbie and Escex Roofing and Restoration is perfect for this client.

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