Jon Ongtingco

Jon Ongtingco

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I wrote my first program on an Apple IIe in 1985. I enjoy hiking and camping with my family as much as I enjoy working in technology. Quote a movie to me and I bet I can name it.


Preparing for a move

The time to start preparing for a move is 60-90 days before the move. I will help with planning the internet and phone providers, the physical telephone and network equipment, and the computer systems. The internet and phone providers will need to be examined to determine their availability at the new location. I typically take this time to review their offering and determine if there is a better option. We have to have this all decided 30-45 days out to give the provider, new or old, time to install at the new location and we will handle the entire process to take that off of the customer's plate. When we did this for Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams at their Plano, Tx location, we ran into a snag when AT&T could not deliver the circuit in time. We provided a temporary connection until AT&T completed their install so that the customer did not miss their grand opening. I shook Mitchell Gold's hand in congratulations that day, Jonathan Ongtingco from SOHO Data and Voice is the name I told him to remember.


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SOHO Data and Voice

SOHO Data and Voice


445 Windy Hill Road
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Customers do not always want to hear how it was fixed, they would rather just have it work. I keep technology working so they can keep working.


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PowerLinks Certificate 10/27/2006
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Filling the Filing Cabinet Workshop 08/05/2014
Orientation Essentials 07/03/2014
GateOpener Workshop 12/04/2008


We have one rule, work comes first and once it is done it is time to play. While IT work requires serious attention and a strong work ethic, we work hard to have a good time. We are getting our VR room back up and running so that both employees and customers can experience a bit of fun during down time and visits. 

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