Jon Ongtingco

Jon Ongtingco

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I wrote my first program on an Apple IIe in 1985. I enjoy hiking and camping with my family as much as I enjoy working in technology. Quote a movie to me and I bet I can name it.


Conversion of Existing Wiring

I am Jon Ongtingco. Existing wiring is often installed incorrectly, damaged while moving out, or just not located where desired. It is often a forgotten piece of a new office environment which is left to the new tenant to resolve. I have the correct tools and training to perform this work along with insurance and licensing. Tim's new office had existing cabling, but he needed 4 new lines for TVs and 2 new lines for desks. The original cabling was also cut in the DMARC and had to be terminated to a new patch panel. Since we were brought in early, this was all ready for his move in date. Tim, the director of IT, always calls me when his VP tells him it is time to open a new location. He wants to know that they will be able to move in on schedule. Tim wants an introduction to me before they have made their final decision for their new location.


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Computer Service

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SOHO Data and Voice

SOHO Data and Voice


445 Windy Hill Road
Suite 100
Marietta, GA 30060


Customers do not always want to hear how it was fixed, they would rather just have it work. I keep technology working so they can keep working.


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I really enjoy a good story with new information. Stories help me link other instances of similar circumstances and that allows me to make the connection to someone who might need the information, which leads to referrals.

If it is REALLY important, I will send a text in that moment so that it is not forgotten, otherwise I write it into my Notes on my phone for later recall.

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