Erik Chambers

Erik Chambers

Family Attorney


Stern Edlin Graham Family Law

Stern Edlin Graham Family Law


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Stephanie Wilson

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When I became a family law attorney, I felt naturally comfortable with the custody aspects involved. However, there are also significant financial componets as well - reviewing business documents and understanding business valuations, assisting clients with Domestic Relations Financial Affidavits, preparing Marital Balance Sheets, identifying and calculating incomes, etc. Over the years, I have sought out both continuing education and conference seminars to improve my knowledge and understanding in these areas so that I can be more efficient in my work and more valuable to my clients. I also maintain professional relationships with several experienced forensic accountants in our industry who I can contact to ask questions or to introduce to our clients to assist with their case. As a result, my clients - especially in those cases where custody and financial issues are in dispute - can feel confident knowing I am skilled and trained to handle all aspects of their case.

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