Erik Chambers

Erik Chambers

Family Attorney


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Stern and Edlin Family Law

Stern and Edlin Family Law


6190 Powers Ferry Road
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I represented a woman who was going through a divorce. She was a stay-at-home mom and wife, and her husband had been the sole income earner and had always handled the finances during the marriage. She was going to be receiving a significant amount of monthly alimony and one-half of a large marital estate. She was anxious about what to do with it, how to budget, whether she should invest it, etc.

Getting her a good financial deal would have been no benefit to her if she did not know how to manage what she received. To make sure she had the appropriate plan in place, I introduced her to several financial planners via 3-way e-mails. Were we not in the middle of a pandemic, I would have also met with her and each of the financial planners face-to-face to assist her in selecting the one that she felt best met her needs.

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