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As an attorney, my work product is often my greatest tool. Luckily, I can remove the client information from the final Word version of any document I create and use this when someone asks me about a particular type of case. Is someone thinking about a divorce but is curious about what all is included in a Complaint? I can send them a template I have used from another case with similar facts and issues. Is someone considering filing for grandparent visitation or custody? I have a template for that too. It is usually a sure way to build credibility. I got this idea from other attorneys asking if I have a sample pleading for one thing or another, and while I do not use it automatically, it can be a critical tool for the curious perspective client. I also have questionnaires I have created for my potential clients who are going through a divorce or who are looking to get a prenuptial agreement so I am sure to gather all necessary information at our initial consultation. I can also provide this to potential referral sources. 

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