Jason Davis

Jason Davis

Financial Advisor

I love God and people. I'm married and have two little boys that are my world. I speak Spanish & Portuguese and enjoy meeting new folks, reading, fighting, hunting. & fishing.


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After I learn what's truly important to my clients I use an established process to create a comprehensive plan to help them reach their goals, then I partner with them to make sure they stay on track.


InfoMinute Seminar 09/20/2021
Orientation Essentials 09/20/2021
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 09/20/2021


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A previous referral trigger asked about a question I receive frequently that has more than 1 answer and then asked to identify different situations that would cause different answers. The question I frequently get is "what kind of account will save me the most in taxes?" 

Part of the Referral Trigger stipulated that I could not say, "it depends," which was my go-to response to that question. I don't review 3 different scenarios with every client or prospect, but I will begin the discussion as follows:

"If you expect to pay LESS taxes in retirement, then we can explore pre-tax accounts that can give you a deduction, NOW. If you expect to pay a HIGHER tax rate in retirement, then we can explore Roth or Roth-LIKE options, that will provide you with tax-free income in retirement."

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