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Jason Davis

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I love God and people. I'm married and have two little boys that are my world. I speak Spanish & Portuguese and enjoy meeting new folks, reading, fighting, hunting. & fishing.


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My clients value their time and money and want to make the most of both. They prefer a proactive investment approach with historically less risk than the traditional "Buy & Hold" philosophy.


Step1-The Map

Think of your favorite vacation you've ever taken. Where did you go? Why did you decide to go there? How excited were you in the days leading up to it? We are all already on a journey right now, as I'm reading Jason's InfoMinute. We are on the same journey to different destinations. Do you know where you are going? How clear and specific is it? Does your life plan look like a route mapped out by a GPS with all your favorite stops, or is it more like pointing at a globe from a distance, hoping you don't end up on the wrong side of Somalia? Time is our most valuable asset. We have a limited amount, and we can never get back the time we've already lost, but we can ALWAYS re-route and make the most of the time we have left. The first step in my Perfect10 Approach is getting a good understanding of my clients' starting point, their destinations, and WHY they chose those destinations.


People tend to be very guarded about their money & their dreams. I want to know about both and fast. Sitting across a desk from strangers the first time I meet them and asking them about their most private matters is not the most effective environment. I set my conference room up more like a living room with two couches at a right angle with each other and a mutual coffee table we can all use while we enjoy conversation and I ask them about their family, work, & play, as anyone would when they are first getting to know someone. When I know who & what are important to them, if they would like me to help them take care of their "who" and get them their "what" then we can come up with a plan to make the most of their time & money.

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