Jessica Lee-Bohannon

Jessica Lee-Bohannon

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Family and building connections, are a priority. In my free time I like to be outside as much as possible. I enjoy watching wildlife, spending time with friends and family, I love children and I'm the first one to greet dogs and babies.


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I have a very creative mind, meticulous eye for detail and love working with my hands. Some of my clients get so caught up with life; they don't know where to begin when it comes to getting their house in order. I come up with a detailed plan to get things organized and functional so that it is easier to maintain.

I have that personal touch and ability to adapt as the family changes with life phases, gives them confidence and peace of mind. 

There was a natural transition in to this career path. There was a need, I wanted to be of service to women and their families, I made it happen. I will continue to learn and grow, as my business does, therefore I can provide the best service possible for my clients.

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For Women Cleaning Services

For Women Cleaning Services


Colemans Bluff dr
Woodstock, GA 30188

I enjoy supporting and encouraging families whom have busy women; bosses, entrepreneurs, Mom's and those with health issues. My services allow them to take care of their priorities and come home to a clean and comfortable home, to relax & to be present.


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