Jessica Lee Bohannon

Jessica Lee Bohannon

Residential Cleaning Service


Family and building connections, are a priority. In my free time I like to be outside as much as possible. I enjoy watching wildlife, spending time with friends and family, I love children and I'm the first one to greet dogs and babies.


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For Women Cleaning Services

For Women Cleaning Services



I enjoy supporting and encouraging families whom have busy women; bosses, entrepreneurs, Mom's and those with health issues. My services allow them to take care of their priorities and come home to a clean and comfortable home, to relax & to be present.


During my consultation with a client, I will ask for video or pictures of the areas that are an issue for them. Most times, it is more beneficial for me to do in-person consultations. This allows me to see the space firsthand, so that I will be better prepared for my visit. Yes, it takes more time and resources but it allows me to see firsthand, rather than trusting the photo.

I take into consideration my client's expectations of what bothers them the most in their home. With my detailed checklist of areas to cover, I know after the initial deep clean, there are certain areas that need to be cleaned more often than others and I have a predetermined schedule of what and when certain tasks need to be done. This allows the home to be maintained to the homeowners and my own expectations while keeping my clients happy.

Once I have my schedule and routine set for each client, I take detailed notes on each customer profile of what was done for the day and what needs to be tended to on the next visit. This helps keep me organized and on track for each individual client.

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