Jessica Lee-Bohannon

Jessica Lee-Bohannon

Residential Cleaning Service


Family and building connections, are a priority. In my free time I like to be outside as much as possible. I enjoy watching wildlife, spending time with friends and family, I love children and I'm the first one to greet dogs and babies.


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For Women Cleaning Services

For Women Cleaning Services



I enjoy supporting and encouraging families whom have busy women; bosses, entrepreneurs, Mom's and those with health issues. My services allow them to take care of their priorities and come home to a clean and comfortable home, to relax & to be present.


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Residential Cleaning Service

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I treat all of my clients with the same respect and courtesy.  No matter if they are a weekly scheduled client or a one time service. They are treated equally with professionalism, courtesy and high quality service. I treat everyone as I would want to be treated and that has paid off tremendously. I am building strong relationships and trust with my client's.  They know that they will always get open communication, accurate detailed plans of action, friendly reminders and I always show up on time. I give my all to each service and try to exceed expectations. That's why it is easy for people to refer me, to stand by me and support the growth of my business. 

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