Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong

Residential Real Estate Agent


I have been a real estate agent for 21 years & it is not just a job, it is a passion. In my free time I love to travel, read serial killer books, volunteer & explore new areas of Atlanta. I enjoy time with my wonderful husband & 3 adult sons/stepsons.


The meeting is called a buyer consultation.  The purpose of the meeting is to explore the buyer's goals for purchasing a home, timeline, qualification and location in order to come up with a roadmap for purchasing a home.   At the end of the meeting tasks they are typically assigned are to meet with Jim to get prequalified and drive around areas that they may be interested in to narrow down their preferred location.  At the end of the meeting I will close the conversation by thanking them for trusting me to be their agent, go over the next steps and let them know when I will be in touch next.  I will tell them to expect an email from me summarizing what we discussed to make sure I have everything correct.

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Keller Williams Peachtree Rd

Keller Williams Peachtree Rd


804 Town Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30319


I help sellers get more money for their homes. I know what improvements buyers are looking for and I help sellers present their home in the best possible light. I provide free staging which ensures buyers can visualize themselves in their new home.


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