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Kenny Cox

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I am a Father of 2 and step Father of 3. Together, my wife and I have 5 grandchilren. I was born and raised in GA; however, San Diego' lifestyle captured me for about 20 years. My hobby is cars, particulary Volkswagons. I have 5 that I enjoy working on.


  The third person to my right is the Amazing Susan Honea.   One of the most ovious things we have in common is the amount of focus, drive and simply the amount of devotion we both put into what ever we do.   We put 100 percent into what ever we do.   When its time to relax and chill, we chill....... It make it so easy to refer Susan, she is very approachable  and super easy to talk to. A great listener!!

One thing about me, Im about 60 percent right handed, and 40 percent  left.  That really helps me in my trade.

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Kenny's Discount Doors

Kenny's Discount Doors


DALLAS, Georgia 30132-2658

My best clients are lifelong clients. They know me by name and depend on me to keep their garage door in great working order as well as replace any necessary parts, etc. They also trust me; and therfore feel comfortable in referring me to their friends.


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