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Kenny Cox

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I am a Father of 2 and step Father of 3. Together, my wife and I have 5 grandchilren. I was born and raised in GA; however, San Diego' lifestyle captured me for about 20 years. My hobby is cars, particulary Volkswagons. I have 5 that I enjoy working on.


When I comes to a customer choosing a new garage door, it may sound easy. Sometimes it is. More often, the home owner wants to be educated on the vast different  garage doors and styles. I listen carefully and take many notes. I have to find out what's important to them.   Windows? No windows? Insulation? And why or why not insulation?   I never rush and throw a number out there. I really want it to be something they enjoy for may years, with a minimum about of service. 
I do research and compare different brands and manufactures to get the home owner the best value as possible. 
It is time consuming, but when I hear the words " Wow, we should have done this years ago!", well that's the beautiful part! 

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Kenny's Discount Doors

Kenny's Discount Doors


DALLAS, Georgia 30132-2658

My best clients are lifelong clients. They know me by name and depend on me to keep their garage door in great working order as well as replace any necessary parts, etc. They also trust me; and therfore feel comfortable in referring me to their friends.


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