Kyler Kelsey

Kyler Kelsey



I am a driven athlete of 20 years, playing soccer for most of my life. I enjoy traveling and exploring different cities with my Fiancee. I am a father to two beautiful, spoiled cats who think they are the boss. I pride myself in my patience and kindness.


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Escex Roofing and Restorations

Escex Roofing and Restorations


3225 Shallowford Rd
Marietta, GA 30062


My best clients are ones who don’t wish to climb their own roofs and have us as professionals bring their roof down to them and educate them on the photos we captured and how well their roof has weathered the storms.


One of the biggest opportunities in the roofing industry is referrals from homeowners. After the homeowner is satisfied with the job and we have earned their business, it is extremely likely the homeowner will refer us to friends, family, and neighbors.

It is vital that homeowners trust their contractor has their best interests in mind. That is why throughout the process, I focus on education and keeping the homeowner up to date during each step of the process. 

There are many situations in which I suggest a client upgrade. The main reason for suggesting an upgrade is to make sure their home is protected to the maximum potential. By upgrading to top of the line shingles, the homeowner is eligible for a top of the line warranty to ensure they are protected for many years to come.

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