Taylor Chastain

Taylor Chastain

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I love spending time with great friends while sharing a premium cigar, hanging out with my family, and spending time training Brazilian Ju Jitsu. My greatest love is to spend time with my wonderful wife Kellie! I'm always down for wings and a cigar!


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Up Up and Away Junk Hauling

Up Up and Away Junk Hauling


Up Up and Away is a full service junk removal company offering junk removal and demolition services. We offer white collar service in a blue collar industry. Help clients defeat junk today, have them Call Up Up and Away!


In the junk removal business there are 2 kinds of companies that would be considered my competition. 

The first kind of company is the 'one man in a truck with a helper' kind of company. These are small operations that normally operate as a side hustle for whoever is running them. The biggest distinction between my company and my competitors in this space is that while I am still a small company, I carry full lines of general liability insurance, workers compensation, and all of my vehicles are insured on a company policy and not a personal one. Most side gig junk haulers do not have any of these measures in place to protect their clients. 

The second kind of company is the corporate behemeth. Many of these companies are regional or national franchises. While all of their insurance is properly in place, many of these companies are both hard to work with and expensive. I have uniquely positioned my company to offer a professional service at a compettitive price by not taking on debt for equipment that is not necessary. This means that while our equipment may be more 'low tech' it gets the job done just as well all while passing along the savings to the customer. Additionally my customers can expect to talk to a real person right off the bat when they call and we can do in person estimates within a few days if sending photos is not something a client is able to do. 

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