Magneta Gonzalez

Magneta Gonzalez

Massage Therapist

I enjoy live jazz music, dancing and watching the sunset especially at the beach. I love spending Sunday afternoons after church with my family. I love having positive encouraging conversations with people.


Soothing Intention (Wellness Through Massage)

Soothing Intention (Wellness Through Massage)


271 Hwy 74N
Peachtree City , GA 30269


My intention is to use my expertise to help each individual client live unknotted lives. I help clients by educating them about the benefits of massage. I use uninhabited key techniques of gentle to firm rhythmic massage pressure to encourage wellness.


How to Benefit from an Association 02/21/2022
InfoMinute Seminar 02/21/2022
Orientation Essentials 02/21/2022


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My Client's time is  very important to me. I encourage my clients to arrive on time for their appointments. As a Massage Therapist this allows me to give each person 100% of their time as I focus on the reason they came to me.  Being on time mean that the person receiving the massage does not feel cheated and leaves feeling great both mentally and physically.

Being Client centered by listening intentionally to what they said the focus should be, when they come in for their massage. I also check in with my clients periodically to be sure that that are comfortable during their massage session. 

If for any reason I get caught up in an emergency situation I will give my client an additional service at no cost to them for their patience and understanding. 
I also make myself available in case they have any questions.

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