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Renea Ash



I am married with two adult children. Running a photography business feeds my mind while the art fuels my soul. For entertainment, I enjoy traveling and dinner at my favorite restaurant, Season’s 52. When it’s time to relax, I spend a day at the spa.


Styling Matters

It's important for everything in the photo to be cohesive so the photo is visually appealing. That's why I start with the color combinations for their clothes. Red and blue are not complimentary, I make sure what everyone wears looks harmonious. At the discovery call, I always take the time to find out what the client wants. This way I can make suggestions that focus on their desired outcome. Lisa wanted a casual vibe with a sophisticated look for the first family photo since the kids were in middle school. We settled on formal clothing in blue and yellow to provide the best visual harmony. I found a field with a barn and brought a small sofa to use for posing.
The result was photos worthy of placement above the fireplace mantle. I am a great referral for Janet who just sent her first child off to college. Although they’ll return, she wants to feel they are near during their absence. So, ask her, how she plans to celebrate their first visit back home.


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Renea Ash Photography LLC

Renea Ash Photography LLC



My clients value the power of photographs, yet lack the time or expertise to navigate the complexities of the process. What they really appreciate is concierge-like service that relieves the stress associated with obtaining photos they will cherish.


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Personal Branding and Business Branding clients see me as their guide because I never leave them to figure out what’s next or what to do.  When working with me they can expect a design consultation where we craft a customized photo session aimed at the results they wish to achieve.  

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