Megan Byrom

Megan Byrom

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Mother of 3 (wife of 1). When I'm not in the office, I can be found watching crime documentaries, baking, reading or walking our lab around the neighborhood. I love traveling and Australia and South Africa are on the top of my bucket list.


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Silver Lining Medicare Solutions


14 Eastbrook Bend
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My best clients are 64 and over, and are looking for a guide in the Medicare maze that can individualize coverage options to meet their specific situation. They want to make sure their insurance needs are met a so they have more time with the grandkids.


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I am lucky enough to get Ken DeRose-Broeckert for this Referral Trigger. Ken is one of the hardest working and honest business owners I know. He makes sure the job is done correctly and stands by what he does. If I were to invite a client to lunch with Myself and Ken, I would invite Simon Harding. Simon is a handy man that lives in a retirement community. He can often be found helping his neighbors with tasks they can't handle anymore. Like Ken, Simon has some pretty epic stories about jobs he's done. I recall a story he told me about fixing a wiring issue in an outdoor shed once. He was in the attic area of the shed checking the wiring, when he was confronted by a racoon momma protecting her babies. This was quite the surprise for him! He told me he had to wait over a week to find someone that could come and remove the racoons so he could complete the job. 

Knowing both Ken and Simon have the same work ethic and values, I'd guess they would enjoy trading stories and possibly getting some future referrals out of each other. I know Simon doesn't want to deal with wildlife, but when wildlife gets in the way of him completing a job, he'll now have someone to call!



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