Ronnie Kenyatta

Ronnie Kenyatta

Fitness Trainer

I'm from Maryland, so I love seafood, especially crabcakes. I cherish adventurous, relaxing weekend getaways. A martial arts session followed by dining at a cozy restaurant with great food and people-watching is ideal. I spent 12 years in pro baseball.


My monthly performance assessments serve as a crucial gauge for tracking the progress of my athletes in enhancing their overall athleticism. A positive trend in strength and movement numbers indicates that they are reaching optimal levels of physical capability. Conversely, a desending  trend in speed and quickness numbers suggests improved explosiveness, speed, and agility among the athletes.


While it's essential to monitor these metrics, my primary focus extends beyond numerical indicators. I'm not solely concerned with progressing to the next level; rather, my paramount goal is to ensure that our training efforts seamlessly translate into tangible on-field or on-court results. It is only when my athletes demonstrate their acquired skills and performance enhancements in real-game scenarios that the prospect of reaching the next level becomes a natural progression.

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RK Strength Training

RK Strength Training


4012 Nine McFarland Dr
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004


My ideal clients are high school athletes (15-18) aiming for collegiate and pro sports. They need a winning mindset. Their parents, executives or entrepreneurs, played college or pro sports. I train athletes mentally and physically to excel.


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