Tunji Ajigbeda

Tunji Ajigbeda

Payroll Service

Father of 3, just enough Spanish to be dangerous, natural knack for technology, but more passionate about making music literally and making music figuratively with payroll, HR, and finances. Dr. Pepper lover blown away by the combination with cream soda.


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MEOR Services, LLC

MEOR Services, LLC


P.O. Box 803
Suwanee, GA 30024


My clients are growing from small to medium size and looking to pay less in taxes and make payroll, time reporting, and HR benefits easier so they can focus more on their core business. They value the loyalty that comes from taking care of their people.


GateOpener Workshop 11/21/2022
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 08/15/2022
InfoMinute Seminar 06/20/2022
Best Client Workshop 05/16/2022
Orientation Essentials 05/16/2022


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I tend to use a mix of in person conversation, phone call, and email for referrals. If I already have an established relationship with someone where I know enough about the business service(s) that they offer, I'll do an introductory email with the referral and then follow up with a call to the member if I haven't seen an email acknowledgement in a reasonable timeframe. If I have an idea of the business services that someone offers, but I'm not sure whether the needs of the person I want to refer fit, I typically ask clarifying questions about the business services in person, by phone call, or by email before I'll pass along the referral. The goal is ensure that mutual benefit is more likely.

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