Tunji Ajigbeda

Tunji Ajigbeda

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Father of 3, just enough Spanish to be dangerous, natural knack for technology, but more passionate about making music literally and making music figuratively with payroll, HR, and finances. Dr. Pepper lover blown away by the combination with cream soda.


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MEOR Services, LLC

MEOR Services, LLC


P.O. Box 803
Suwanee, GA 30024


My clients are typically growing from small to medium size and looking to make payroll, time reporting, and general HR benefits easier so they can focus more on their core business. They value the loyalty that comes from taking care of their people.


A topic that I repeat regularly is about how establishing good payroll & HR practices can help a company keep up with their competitors and increase employee loyalty. Sure, everyone likes to get paid, but, all other things being equal, what differentiates a business from its competition when it comes to attracting talent? With a tight labor market and the need to differentiate being more prevalent today than in the past, being able to offer additional benefits like paid time off, retirement contribution matching, and flexible work arrangements in addition to pay and typical health, dental, and vision benefits can really help a business stand out. Often times, while people understand that these are benefits that people want, the questions come from how to get it done while still watching the bottom line. My Info Minutes are informed by these questions and allow me to showcase how I've been able to help others meet specific payroll and HR needs for their employees while not breaking the bank.

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