Zach Carr

Zach Carr


When I'm not in the woods, I'm woodworking or befriending animals. Appreciator of local farmer's markets.


For this exercise I'll choose Andy Ritan. Andy is a short-term rental property manager. And I, as a handyman, am also a type of property manager. 

The similarities in our clientele is that they need a situation managed for them. Although, it's a different type of situation. Andy covers more of a big picture scenario and I handle details for my clients. In fact, Andy has employed me a few times to handle details of his big picture scenario. 

The differences in our clientele: a client hires Andy to manage a business. My clients bring me in to repair or replace aspects of their business or residence. 

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Zach Carr

Zach Carr


1871 Bruce Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

My best clients are homeowners and business owners of any kind. I do a wide variety of work and most jobs that are too small for a contractor. Carpentry, light plumbing and electrical, repairs and installations, custom furniture, small jobs, odd jobs.


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