Barbara Berkowitz

Barbara Berkowitz

Video Production

I'm a task-master. I keep the trains running on time. When not managing video production workflow at Capocus! Studios, I enjoy being a Great Dane mom, supporting my local community, scouting new restaurants, and Dragon Boat racing!


The right place that makes all the difference in my business is the studio where I record sessions with my clients. The studio enables me to control the lighting so that I get the best raw footage possible. I can also set up the microphone in the best location to reduce background noise and record into my computer so that I can sweeten the audio in the post production stage. The studio also makes a difference for my client's experience because all they need to bring is themselves and a change of clothes (if they wish). Everything is set up when they walk in, scripts preloaded into the teleprompter, and we can begin promptly with less time for them to be anxious. There is no scrambling for outlets or bringing in lights and equipment and waiting for us to get ready for them.

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Capocus! Studios

Capocus! Studios


461 Sandy Creek Rd.
Suite 1132
Fayetteville, GA 30214

My clients are busy entrepreneurs and executives who have years of experience in their industry. They need consistent, informative, and professional videos. My content framework and facility in Fayetteville Georgia do just that!


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