James Davidson

James Davidson

Carpet Cleaning

I am a business owner for an Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning Company. I am happily married and live in Snellville, GA with my wife and two dogs. For 10 years I have enjoyed bringing back the original beauty as well as improving their air quality in homes.


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I typically do rotate between topics depending on the season of the year, and I will incorporate the 7 minute along with the infominute. For example I would do a 7 minute of an in depth presentation on how the air duct cleaning service is performed, and then a series of infominutes explaining ways to recognize if a client may need this service. I have seen that including a price usually increases the likelihood of getting referrals as this inevitably would come up in conversation with a potential referral anyways. The trigger many times would be a client suffering from allergies or too much dust in the home. My company offers 5 main services, so this would be the rotation I would usually resort to, influenced by what time of year a particular service is likely to be in higher demand. ~ James Davidson

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Breathe E-Z Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning

Breathe E-Z Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning


4568 Score Court
Snellville, GA 30039


InfoMinute Seminar 03/16/2020
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