James Davidson

James Davidson

Carpet Cleaning

I am a business owner for an Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning Company. I am happily married and live in Gwinnett, GA with my wife and two dogs. For 10 years I have enjoyed restoring the original beauty in homes as well as improving the air quality for clients.




Breathe E-Z Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning

Breathe E-Z Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning


4568 Score Court
Snellville, GA 30039


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I have done my best to streamline quotes with new residential clients. Mostly all of our carpet & air duct cleaning services can be quoted over the phone, and I want the initial price quoted to be the price the client ultimately pays (No one likes a surprise / bait & switch tactics!).

For commercial clients, typically I set up an appointment to come measure the square footage and type of floor to be cleaned (Tile & Grout, VCT, or Carpet), or I scope out the ductwork to see how big the tonnage of the HVAC Unit is and what will be needed to clean out all the ducts. Afterwards a bid offer is sent for their consideration. For all clients I set the expectations for the service, what they need to do to prepare, and explain the cleaning process. 

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