James Davidson

James Davidson

Carpet Cleaning

I get to come home to my wife Gabby, my 1 year old daughter Sophia, & dog Bandit (with a 2nd daughter on the way!). We enjoy planning little 4 day trips to new towns in FL, TN & SC (mini-vacations). I enjoy a great film, a local restaurant & a fun game.




Breathe E-Z Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning

Breathe E-Z Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning


I love what I do the most when I hear from clients that their allergies have disappeared or their home smells clean. That’s why I named my company Breathe E-Z; the air ducts & carpet affect the air quality of a home, and I am an expert at cleaning both!


Endorsement Letters I've Received

When an opportunity to refer to someone presents itself I will usually speak highly of the person to the client, then give the contact information to the client and then inform the person that they might get a call from the client. My favorite scenario is when I am able to refer to someone whose business I'm already somewhat familiar with as I will automatically be able to answer some basic questions for the client and I will know whether I'm in their service area so there's no guesswork or wasting of time. Most my referral records are filled out after the fact. 

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