Judy Bagwell

Judy Bagwell

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I love being a mom to my fur babies and if I could own a farm with lots of animals, I would be one happy girl! I enjoy my time with my friends playing board games, having good conversation and don't forget the wine! I also love a good movie/series!


To let the presenter know that I am listening, I like to speak out after they have presented and let them know the Single Best Thing I learned.  I will also write down the questions I have immediately when they have said something that triggers my mind and possibly have a referral for what they are presenting about.  I know how much it means to me when I receive the feed forward cards from my 7 minute.  This is what we do to give and get referrals!

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Corporate Payroll Services

Corporate Payroll Services


423 Belmont Way
Woodstock, Georgia 30189


Corporate Payroll Services is a LOCAL full service payroll company that focuses on personal one on one customer relations. Our customers have a dedicated payroll specialist in our office. No long hold times or phone trees, simply people like it should be.


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