Kristen Mehr

Kristen Mehr

Residential Real Estate Agent


I am happiest when I am painting in my studio w/my puppy Charley. I love my volunteer gig, being a "nabor" to seniors through NaborForce. And, my biggest commitment is playing poker with the old guys at my church EVERY Thursday. They are my people!


Truly Fine Homes, RE/MAX

Truly Fine Homes, RE/MAX

240 Sandy Springs Place
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

My clients are motivated to have a new adventure in living & want a seasoned agent who makes them feel like they are their only client. They don't want a "saley" agent, they want results…and the most money in their pocket at the end of a transaction.


Best Client Workshop 02/19/2024
InfoMinute Seminar 01/15/2024
Orientation Essentials 01/15/2024


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Stacie Conner (Family Attorney) and Kristen Mehr (Realtor)

TOPIC: Divorce and the Management of Real Estate Assets

1. Options for the existing properties beyond selling

2. Setting expectations for sale of property and transaction do's and don't (How would both parties like to be communicated with, who would be main point of contact, what do the divorce papers say about managing the transaction, when is legal advice needed, avoiding common mistakes & mishaps etc.)

3. The relationship between the Divorce Attorney and Realtor identified to sell property. (One key to a smooth transaction) How they partner for success and what information on both sides can be shared and what remains confidential.

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