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The UPS Store Towne Lake

The UPS Store Towne Lake


1025 Rose Creek Dr
Sutie 620
Woodstock, Georgia 30189


InfoMinute Seminar 11/15/2021
Orientation Essentials 11/15/2021


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The shortest time from contact to payment, for me, has to be around a minute. This was a one-page print on standard paper with no fuss. This was, by percentage, probably my most profitable transaction. But the client who took the longest was the printing and mailing of one million newsletters. It took months from the initial contact to the final payment. I had to make arrangements with paper suppliers, buy new equipment, spend additional hours of labor, and go back and forth with the client to make sure everything was right and that we had all the files. When all was said and done this was the largest transactions I've ever had.   

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