Mimi McCain

Mimi McCain

Real Estate Attorney

Hi. I live in West Midtown during the week and Lake Oconee on the weekends with my fiancé and 19 year old cat. We love walking, yoga, traveling the world, dinners with family/friends and are growing boutique wine in Argentina.


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Ganek PC

Ganek PC


675 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30306


Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Professionals, Builders and Developers, Estate Planning Attorneys


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Gerald Chamblin, a lender with Guaranteed Rate is the person three to my right. Our customers are the same people - buyers of residential real estate. The services we provide are complimentary and necessary to a successful purchase with a loan. The difference between what we do for our clients is just the opposite side of the same coin - they handle assessing the buyer's ability to borrow money for their purchase and my firm checks and assesses the seller's title to make sure it is or can be cleared at the time of closing. Once we clear title and Gerald gets a clear to close on the loan, my firm handles the signing of the loan and closing documents on behalf of the lender and receives all funds from the lender and buyer and pays everyone in the transaction once we have lender's funding approval.

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