Barry Kaplan

Barry Kaplan

Intellectual Property Attorney

I'm a patent attorney, a former engineer, and a recovering introvert; an open source software advocate; a collector of pens, yo-yos, and fine bourbons. I can groom a dog, build a computer, write code, and slice veggies paper thin.


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Kaplan Intellectual Property Law, LLC

Kaplan Intellectual Property Law, LLC


2310 Peachford Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30338


My best clients are innovators, creators, and branding gurus. They want to get head of the competition--and stay there. You'll see the fire in their eyes as they tell you about their work! I protect their most important products, brands, and media.


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PowerLinks Certificate 02/22/2018
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Best Client Workshop 05/16/2022
How to Build a Referral Marketing Plan 01/17/2022
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I was able to make a referral to my teammate, Rob Burgner. Rob holds our team's web design seat. Here's a link to his profile page:

One of my longstanding and best clients, for whom I do patent, trademark, and IP licensing work, was having an issue getting work completed by his former web designer/ web developer. That work was mission-critical and time sensitive to my client's business, and it also significantly impacted the work I was performing at the time for my client.

My client had expressed ongoing frustration over the situation. I had offered a referral several times, but my client tried to work with the former provider until he simply couldn't tolerate it any longer. At that point, he was more-than-ready for my referral to Rob.

Although I can't remember, I believe I gave my client Rob's business card, and that I called Rob to let him know to expect my client's call. Because my client trusts me, he called Rob without question or further delay.

Rob has been working with my client ever since, and my client could not be happier. Rob's work has been right on time and exactly what the client wants. My client has thanked me repeatedly for introducing him to Rob, which reflects well on me, of course! (Thank you Rob!)

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