Barry Kaplan

Barry Kaplan

Intellectual Property Attorney

I'm a patent attorney, a former engineer, and a recovering introvert; an open source software advocate; a collector of pens, yo-yos, and fine bourbons. I can groom a dog, build a computer, write code, and slice veggies paper thin.


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Kaplan Intellectual Property Law, LLC

Kaplan Intellectual Property Law, LLC


2310 Peachford Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30338


My best clients are innovators, creators, and branding gurus. They want to get head of the competition--and stay there. You'll see the fire in their eyes as they tell you about their work! I protect their most important products, brands, and media.


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PowerLinks Certificate 02/22/2018
Best Client Workshop 05/16/2022
How to Build a Referral Marketing Plan 01/17/2022
InfoMinute Seminar 03/15/2021
Best Client Workshop 10/15/2018
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 05/14/2018
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I tend to think about writing an endorsement letter when I’ve had an experience with the business that pleasantly surprises me---an experience that surpasses my expectations in some way. It could be the way I was treated, or the value I felt I received beyond what I paid, or something important that I learned, or some connection I made that will keep me coming back. As well, it could be the result of a glowing report I received from a client I referred to the business.

By my simply recounting those exceptional experiences in an endorsement letter, the business can leverage the impact of that letter by posting it on the business’s website, on LinkedIn, on FaceBook, and on its other social media accounts. It can hang a framed copy in the waiting room or in the conference room. It can have a notebook (or electronic equivalent) with similar letters that customers can leaf through. It can be attached as a reference in a future bid or proposal to another customer or client. It can serve as the impetus for an article, video, or blog post that differentiates the business from its competitors.

And, by presenting endorsements on my business letterhead, I also receive value from the continual exposure of my business to the customers of the businesses I have endorsed.

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