Christopher  Lyboldt

Christopher Lyboldt

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Avid fisherman, a former writer for the children's show "Blues Clues," and fascinated by the life stories of the older adults I serve. I'm a storyteller at Northpoint for kindergartners and 1st graders. Ask me for my porcini risotto recipe. Delizioso!


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As an Eldercare Advisor, there is always a backstory regardless of who would be two people to my right.  And almost always, that backstory is private.  The backstory is more detailed if I'm referring one of my clients to an Eldercare attorney, a healthcare company, or a senior living community.  I prefer that to be a conversation, and include specifics about diagnoses, financials, care requirements, etc.  This information is highly personal, and is required to be private (HIPAA).  When I'm referring one of my clients to a financial advisor, a handyman, a painter, a roofer, or another partner that doesn't need to know personal medical information, there is still a need to explain why I'm making the referral.  And many times, that conversation is also private.

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Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority


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I serve adult children who are caring for their aging parents and who are struggling to do so. They want to keep their jobs and watch their kids' basketball games again. By ensuring Mom/Dad are safe and secure, I give them the peace of mind they need.


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