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Christopher Lyboldt

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Avid fisherman, a former writer for the children's show "Blues Clues," and fascinated by the life stories of the older adults I serve. I'm a storyteller at Northpoint for kindergartners and 1st graders. Ask me for my porcini risotto recipe. Delizioso!


What is Independent Living?

So far, we've discussed Personal Care Homes and Memory Care. Next, I'll be discussing Independent Living, the Wild West of unlicensed senior living. That means that if a resident falls, management has to call 911. They cannot provide care. So why would an older adult move into an Independent Living community? Gladys, who was 92, was living in St Paul by herself. Before the pandemic, she would see her friends regularly and go to the casino every Friday. The pandemic forced her to isolate, and this vibrant 92-year-old began to decline. I introduced her to an Independent Living community with happy hours 3 times per week. She had a gin and tonic on the tour. She’s now 96, and to this day, she never misses a happy hour. Gladys didn't need care. She just wanted easy access to friends that she could party with. I'm a good referral for Jean. I can help her understand that Independent Living might be the ticket to her mother's second act.


The adult children I work with ultimately want to get a promotion at work, or they want to resume their Friday night date nights with their spouse, or they want to attend every basketball game their son plays.  On the surface, level 1 is finding an Assisted Living community for their parents.  Level 2 is their desire to ensure that Mom or Dad are safe and secure.  But level 3, and the true Gold Card, is returning to engaging in their life and doing what they love.  Getting there begins with good listening during our initial discovery calls and finding a solution that gives the adult child peace of mind that Mom or Dad is safe, secure, and treated with dignity.

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