David Breeden

David Breeden

Tree & Shrub Care

My wife and I have been married for 27 years and we’ve only had 1 fight…have 2 grown children with a new grand son born 8/3/22 (David E. Breeden IV). I am an ISA Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, 20 years of industry experience.


When I meet with a client I listen to try to determine what their goals are, if it's a pruning project I try to find out if it is a view they are trying to enhance or just simply removing deadwood. If a client wants to know if a tree should be removed I assess it based on it's health and what contribution it provides to their property, if the tree presents no hazard to people or property I try to encourage them to keep it and not remove. My training in tree risk assessment allows me to educate my clients on the likelihood of failure and gives them piece of mind knowing the risk the tree offers is minimal. As a way to allow the client to truly understand what my opinion is, I simply advise them by saying "if this were my home and my family lived here I would remove this tree or I would not remove this tree", simply based on the situation it presents. When I finish a consultation I want my client to be educated and feel confident that they have made the proper decision regarding the tree and how it could potentially have an impact on their property.

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Georgia Tree Masters

Georgia Tree Masters


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Our best clients love trees for their value and beauty, sometimes they need to be removed but many times proper pruning can extend their useful life and improve aesthetics. Our goal is educate our customers through sound and safe Arboriculture techniques.


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