Lisa Chaney

Lisa Chaney


I moved from Cincinnati to Atlanta in 2013 with my now husband, Andrew. I love being outside in the summer. I enjoy spending time with friends, going to concerts and working out at Orange Theory. I love tropical vacations and spending time with family.


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SouthState Bank

SouthState Bank


712 W Peachtree Street NW
Suite 120
Atlanta, GA 30308


It is a priority to make every client feel valued no matter their size or request. Business loan and deposit requests should be simple so the owner can focus on their business. I provide value to my clients by being easily accessible and knowledgeable.


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I'm Lisa, Business Banker at SouthState Bank.

Prime Rate increased by a quarter percent making Prime Rate 8%; one year ago Prime was 3.25%. Every time Prime increases, SBA loan payments increase. Rates have increased 9 times in a year, a potential problem for businesses.

I give my business clients two options for their financing.

Chris financed his dream of starting a marketing consulting business with the Small Business Administration 5 years ago and this year, his interest rate has increased from 4.25% to 9% taking his payment from $3,096 to $4,499 on his $500,000 loan. I offered him an option removing the variable Wall Street Journal Prime Rate to a fixed rate option. In return, now Chris can focus on expansion and not quarterly payment changes.

A marketing consultant who just hired their 3rd employee wants to talk to me.

His goal is to create a thriving business that can be passed to the next generation.

Next time you're talking to a business owner, ask them how's business going?


Three from the right on our team Roster is Mimi McCain. 

Where Mimi's primary client base is residential (consumer) and mine are business, they still have one major similiarity, the purchase of an asset. Where a residential (consumer) client purchases their home and it's added to their net worth on their Personal Financial Statement, a business owner purchases their office and it ends up on the balance sheet on their financial statements. Similairly, over time both the consumer and business build equity through an appreciating asset and/or the principal reduction on their debt. 

Mimi's facilitates the closings on both a consumer and business transaction and is a needed and required member of any deal team. Comparatively, both residential and business transactions need title review, potentially survey's, and a real estate closing attorney.  Mimi's responsibility is to assure a clean and smooth closing and the faciliation of money being sent to the benefiting parties. As a banker, I assure the loan is funded and sent to Mimi for proper disbursement. 

Though there are different underwriting requirements, potentially different equity requirements and different financial reportings, I view Mimi's and I's clients as very similiar. An attorney and a banker are trusted members of a deal team and client relationships to assure a consumer or a business owner can acquire an asset with minimal risk. 

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