Tom Wallace

Tom Wallace

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I've been married for over 43 years. Have two adult children. I'm an avid Chicago Bears fan. I enjoy woodworking. I love the outdoors and enjoy fitness activities like running, cycling, and swimming. I also participate in triathlons.


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Wallace Financial Coaching

Wallace Financial Coaching


P.O. Box 692
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I've walked the journey from deep in debt to being debt free, so I understand both the emotional and financial struggle with debt. I guide families struggling with money through a simple plan of action to take complete control of their finances.


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Several clients ask once we come to the end of our three months in foundational coaching together, "what's next."

Some clients see the value of continued accountability and growth in their financial journey with the Accountability and Growth phase of my coaching.

They say that it helps to keep them on track with the process they worked so hard on for three months as well as having access to a trusted advisor for issues or opportunities that come up.

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Plan for a stress free holiday

Public Service Announcement…There are 13 weeks before Christmas!

Before you break out into a cold sweat, let me give you tips to prepare for a stress-free holiday season.

Create a list of who you want to purchase for this year and build a holiday spending plan around how much you can afford for gifts this year.

Starting your shopping preparations now allows you to spread out the expenses. This gives time to find good deals and to choose thoughtful presents. With a good plan, you can avoid impulse purchases and additional shipping costs.

I’m a good referral for the couple who always seem to ramp up their stress level around the holiday from lack of planning. I can help with a proactive plan for the holidays and beyond.

Ask if they prefer White Christmas or the Grinch to kick off the Holiday season.

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