Jennifer Spivey

Jennifer Spivey

Commercial Real Estate

404-272-3255 I'm a New Mexican. I live in the O4W with my husband, Kirby. I love to travel, cook, and collect. When I'm not working, I'm volunteering at Midtown Furkids adoption center, JLA Sustainer Council, or Atl Veg Fest.


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PHP Commercial

PHP Commercial


2911 Piedmont Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30303


Tenant / Buyer Representative specializing in small to medium sized growing businesses. Clients include high-end retail, the energy sector, law, manufacturing, artist / creative, and restaurant / lounge.


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My client, Kay, had entered into a 5-year lease on a retail space.  Within a year, the roof had begun to leak and, after several complaints to the landlord, remained unrepaired. In addition, several issues with the common area space that the landlord had promised would be upgraded or replaced didn't happen and the small strip center she was located in had fallen into total disrepair, hurting her business. She had leased the space without representation and the small strip center was self-managed, so there was no professional property management.


I was able to get Kay in touch with an excellent attorney.  While they were terminating the lease, I started the search.  By the time the lease was terminated, we were building-out the new space.  Unfortunately, Kay learned a lesson she will not soon forget, however, now Kay has a reputable landlord, a good lease, a great space, and increased business.

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