Konstantin Lozovyi

Konstantin Lozovyi


I love to cook, did my first time trip to Hike Inn the awesome experience. I have 4 kids and one grant daughter! I love to serve people and surprise them when God ask me to do for them some stuff.


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KL Plumbing Inc

KL Plumbing Inc


4901 Olde Towne Parkway
Suite 100
Marietta , GA 30068

We did remodel bathroom in Acworth, 100% for 3 weeks. New framing, new electrical wires, new ceiling fan, new lighting, new plumbing, new drywall, new painting, new tile. Everything for 3 weeks. Everything is done by KL Plumbing


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Things we do to go above and beyond for our clients that is no extra charge:

• meet with client for a free and no obligation estimate 

• we leave the property in better condition then it was when we arrived. We make sure all furniture is moved out of the way and covered. 

• guarantee quality work and including a lifetime guarantee


We do all of this because we want to have repeat customers who trust us with our work and professionalism and recommend us to everyone they know. 

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