Russell Davis SR

Russell Davis SR



I'm ex-military and enjoy the outdoors in general. I have a passion for scuba diving, and I am a PADI and SDI Scuba Instructor with 14 specialty instructor ratings who tries to get out often. I am single and raise a rescue dog and 2 rescue cats.


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Mermaid Hunter Photography and Drone Services

Mermaid Hunter Photography and Drone Services




I am a photographer who specializes in aerial photography/videography, inspections and 2D mapping-3D modeling. I also create stunning 360 virtual tours for websites, real estate or Google Maps. I am a great referral for web content creators as well.


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Looking at the area

Once a client has decided that they need drone services, it is important to look at the area to determine how the work needs to be accomplished. If it's an interior is to be photographed, like a warehouse, then you need to determine several things. One: what overhead objects are present and are they going to be a safety obstacle to the drone. Two: Is that obstacle going to block the shots or video you're after? Three: lighting plays an important role when taking photos. Although most cameras can be manually setup. There is only so much they can do in terms of taking a quality photo without proper lighting. four: HVAC/Fans can also present a hazard by causing air currents that could potentially blow the drone into other objects. My name is Russell Davis from Mermaid Hunter Photography and Drone Services.


Richelle wanted pictures of her grand opening, but also didn't want to take the time to do this herself as it would take time away from new customers. By hiring me to do her photography for her, she was able to devote all of her time to greeting new customers and not worrying about taking or editing the photos for their web page. 

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