Taki Pappas

Taki Pappas

Home Automation

Hi. I moved here from Denver in the Fall of 2019 because I have family here. I was originally born in Greece and now Atlanta is my new home. My two passions are playing guitar and tennis. They have been my consistent companions throughout my life.


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Wave Intelligent Automation

Wave Intelligent Automation


3411 Durden Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30319


We are group of highly skilled home and business technology experts. Our best clients include new homeowners, people who are building a new home, or anyone looking to upgrade their wireless network that can support other home technologies.


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I learned a long time ago to set realistic expectations with my clients at not only the beginning of a project but also at the beginning our our first meeting.

People simply want to be heard, appreciated and informed.

For example, if we add a home automation system or a distributed audio system at a client’s home, we let them know what is going to happen throughout the process. Additionally, we design systems that are scalable and can expand. If they want to add another room of automation or audio I let them know at the completion of the first phase that they can call me anytime that they need additional work and that it will continue working seamlessly for them.

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