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I'm an ICF, Strengths, and Board-certified leadership development coach. An avid reader, cat servant, and UGA Dawg mom, I love to cook and watch British TV . My perfect day includes sunshine, coffee, and family, but not necessarily in that order.


InfoMinute Seminar 02/19/2024
Orientation Essentials 02/19/2024
Best Client Workshop 06/19/2023
Enter The Filing Cabinet | online WorkRoom 04/19/2023
Fill the Filing Cabinet Workshop 04/17/2023
How to Benefit from an Association 04/03/2023
How to Build a Referral Marketing Plan 04/03/2023
GateOpener Workshop 03/20/2023
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 01/16/2023
InfoMinute Seminar 01/16/2023
Orientation Essentials 01/16/2023


My clients expect that I will help them co-create a personalized, actionable strategy that they can start implementing immediately to see real changes. They also expect that I will share tools and techniques with them to promote ongoing self-assessment and adjustment, ensuring the plan remains relevant and effective as they progress. Furthermore, they can expect to develop a sense of empowerment and clarity about how to use their strengths to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

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Susan Honea Coaching & Consulting LLC

Susan Honea Coaching & Consulting LLC

10 Glenlake Parkway
Suite 130
Atlanta, GA 30328


Jane has known since 3rd grade that she can do whatever she decides to do. She wants a coach who pushes her to achieve more - the goal that scares her - so she can break through her limitations and achieve a $10k day when she thought $5k wasn't possible.


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Once I have had a discovery call with a client and determined that I am a good fit for the client’s needs, I create a proposal. Each proposal is customized to the client’s specific needs, outlining the coaching process and investment in a professional presentation format. I offer another complimentary call to answer any questions the client may have. I also include answers for typical objections or obstacles to make the client’s decision-making process faster. Last week, I prepared a proposal for Willow, a startup founder who is looking to hire a team. She and I had a discovery call Tuesday, and the proposal was in her inbox Wednesday morning. We have our first call next week. I’m a good referral for Jason, a mid-level manager who wants to be promoted at his company. He has been in his current job less than six months. He asks lots of questions about everything and likes to eat at expensive restaurants. Ask him whether he’s ever bought a Groupon for a stay at a fancy hotel.


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